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Just a few pictures, mainly of my own. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size versions.

Mr. Dick with an English Archtop, from David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens
Chi-rho Rokkaku: My first full-sized kite, decorated with soft fabric paints.
The 2m Snowflake: my first big kite. Much improved since I replaced the hexagonal frame by a circular one. (The spinsock is pureley for effect - it flies perfectly well without - and the pig is just hitching a ride. The shark was someone else's.)
Mickey Mouse Eddy: Built for some friends I owed a favour to. They needed a replacement sail for a plastic kite, and I couldn't have just done a plain one, could I now?
Sea Bea Eddy: Another built for some friends, in this case a lad whose initials are C.B.
Rowlands Flowform: With a moderate breeze, this pulls like a locomotive. I normally use 300lb line.
Pierson Roller: An elegant light wind kite I built for those days when nothing else will fly.
Waldof Box: I'd been wanting to make another big cellular kite ever since the Snowflake. Here it is at last!
No, I didn't design or build this one, but isn't she a beaut?
Traditional Box: This is a toyshop kite, in fact the oldest kite in my collection, but still nice to fly when there's a reasonable wind. Recently I cut a set of different crosspars to turn it into a rhomboid kite, for slightly lighter winds.
Prism Triad: A very light kite that flies in hardly any wind. Slacken the line and it tumbles and spins, pull, and it flies off again!
Box delta: This belongs to and was built by Graham Dresch. He sent me this pic and the plans to publish for him.
Gene Rock's Chupp Roto-Flyer ...
... and his Sea Breeze, another rotory kite.
Daniel Bertolino and his Autogire In the same vein, Daniel Bertolino's Autogire.
The Joystick kite: an unusual 3-liner from Alivola - discontinued I believe. This pic used to be on their website (used with permission).

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