The Random Jottings of Tony Tenore

Tony Tenore
 From time to time, the members' newsletter  of the St Albans Bach Choir has published small items of one sort or another, some of them attributed to an elusive choir member who rarely signs the register, but who rejoices in the name of Tony Tenore.

These items, and a few other pieces, some in a similar light-hearted vein, some more serious, are collected here for the edification and amusement of a wider audience.
Finally: an item by Stephen R Waldee which disappeared from the Internet around the turn of the century and is reproduced here for posterity:
  • The Ignorant Astronomer: Darn Blackholes, discoverer of 62 comets, 46 asteroids, 2 hemorrhoids, a Jovian moon, and the secret to the perfect Spanish omelet.

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