The Virtual Kite Zoo Bibliography.

Your local library should have (or be able to get through inter-library loan) a number of good books on kites. Look under Dewey classification 629.133. Here are just a few that I have used. Not all of them are still in print.

[1] Pelham, David - The Penguin Book of Kites, ISBN 0-14-004117-6
- A standard work, out of print for some years though, I believe, recently reprinted. (The original edition is still available from many public libraries and on the second hand market.) All aspects of kites are covered, including history, theory, classification, construction etc., but it is rather dated, having nothing later than the standard parafoil and the Peter Powell stunter.

[2] Eden, Maxwell - The Magnificent Book of Kites, ISBN 1-5791-2025-3 or 0-8069-4990-2.
- An esentially practical book running running to some 450 pages. It contains plenty of detailed plans, though some need a bit of concentration to understand. This book was originally published as Kiteworks - Explorations in Kite Building and Flying, ISBN 0-8069-6713-7

[3] Morgan, Paul & Helene - The Book of Kites, ISBN 0-7513-0145-0
- An excellent large-format book with a bit of everything. There are about half a dozen plans, which are exceptionally clear and include sufficient details of basic kite making skills and materials for the complete beginner.

[4] Moulton, Ron & Lloyd, Pat - Kites, ISBN 1-85486-050-X
- Another essentially practical book containing sections on basic sewing techniques and materials, and clear plans. Also included is all you need to know to get started with kite aerial photography or parachuting teddybears. The new edition, ISBN 1-85486-143-3, is even better. A bit more serious than Morgan, but if you want to buy just one book, this could be the one.

[5] Hart, Clive - Kites: An Historical Survey, Faber & Faber 1967
- The definitive historical account of kites, unless you are interested in the last 35 years!

[6] Rowlands, Jim - Soft Kites and Windsocks, ISBN 0-312-08966-X
- Construction of parafoils, flowforms, inflatables and windsocks. Includes a very useful section on all you need to know in order to secretly start using your wife's sewing machine - or even to buy one of your own! (The plans in this book contain a number of errors which have been the subject of various of discussions on rec.kites. Here is a compilation of relevant postings. Or use DejaNews to search newsgroup rec.kites for rowlands flowform for much useful discussion.)

Kite Poetry

If you're looking for poems which refer to kites, here's the Poetry Anthology.
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