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If you are a teacher, or a leader of any sort of childrens' or youth group, and if you work with children or young people of any age from pre-school upwards, you may like to consider a kite-building project.

Quite regularly, someone posts a query to rec.kites saying something like "Where can I find plans to make kites with some kids?" There are numerous kite plans on the net ranging from extreemly sketchy and suitable only for experienced kite builders, to highly detailed and suitable for a range of ages and abilities. To save you a lot of time downloading different plans, here is a list grouped according to suitability.

Paper Kites

All paper kite plans lend themselves to decoration, which may form a significant part of the aim of the activity. They are also useful in developing basic manual skills such as use of scissors and sticky tape etc.

Plastic Bag and Foil Gift-wrap Kites

Polythene sheeting makes a good kite sail, but can't be decorated as easily as paper except with permanent markers, which may not be suitable for younger children who may get them on their clothes. However, different colours are available in the form of supermarket bags. The "crinkley" ones are best; they are made of high-density polythene which is less stretchy. Mylar foil gift-wrap makes attractive kite material, and is available in many designs and colours, including holographic patterns. Its main disadvantage is its tendency for tears to propagate unchecked.

Picnic Plate Kites

Ripstop Nylon Kites

The final category is suitable for 13 - 16 year olds in developing basic skills with a sewing machine. Some of them can be decorated with appliqué. Ripstop nylon, fibreglass rod, and other kite-making materials are available from kiteshops everywhere, many of which are happy to deal mail-order. In the UK, consult the KSGB address list, or elsewhere, try the AKA and search their list of member merchants.

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