The Virtual Kite Zoo Poetry Anthology

Recently, a visitor to the Zoo asked me whether I knew of any poems about kites. I had to reply that I didn't. But by happy chance, the very next day I came across the Poetry Library on a rare visit to the Royal Festival Hall, London. This claims to be the most comprehensive collection of twentieth century poetry in Britain, with around 60,000 volumes. Repeating the enquiry, I was given the following comprehensive list. (I asked in particular for poetry for children.)

I quote the list verbatim - I haven't checked out any of the items. Some may only have a brief passing reference to kites.
Author or compiler
Publisher, Date
The dragon on the wall and other poems
Blackie, 1989
Like it or not
The Bodley Head, 1992
Strange goings-on
Viking, 1995
Look at it this way!: poems for young people
Rockingham Press, 1994
Orange paw marks
Viking, 1991
You be good and I'll be night
Mulberry Books, 1988
The dummy's delimma and other poems
Hodder Children's Books, 1999
Barley barley
Oxford Univertity Press, 1991
Between the Lines Heinemann Educational Books, 1990
Funnybunch: a new Puffin book of funny verse Viking, 1993
The Orchard book of funny poems Orchard Books, 1993
Playtime poems Oxford University Press, 1995
A poem, she said: a selection of poems by young people from Essex Essex County Council Education Department, 1998
Sit on the roof and holler Puffin, 1991
Sunflakes: poems for children Clarion Books, 1992
The Bees Knees Stride, 1990
Them and us The Bodley Head, 1993
A year full of poems Oxford University Press, 1991
A year full of poems Oxford University Press, 1996
Young voices: poetry by young people in Staffordshire
Willis, Norman (Foreward); Rhodes, John (Intro)
Staffordshire County Arts Service, 1992
All the above should be obtainable in the UK from any public library by inter-library loan from the Poetry Library.

If you check out any of the above references, please let me know what you find, and I'll add it to the list for the benefit of those who come after you.

Here are a few more kite poems on the web:
From Jeff and Nancy's family home page, a collection of simple kite poems.
Some poems about kites and Spring.
Four kite poems set to music: "A quartet for strings, winds, kids and a spring day" from Brad Burg's book.

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