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  1. High aspect ratio kites tend to fly with a high / low angle of flight.
  2. What does a flat kite need a tail for?
  3. What sort of kite did Mr. Dick in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield make?
  4. What shape are the individual kites making up a traditional Chinese Centipede?
  5. Bowed kites have a convex / concave surface facing the wind.
  6. A bowed diamond kite is known as a Malay or kite.
  7. Fighter kites fly in circles when you pull / slacken / rotate the line.
  8. Development of the tetrahedral kite was funded by the invention of the .
  9. Whose box kite inspired some of the earliest flying machines?
  10. How many triangles are there in a 3-cell pely box kite?
  11. What sort of kite did George Lawrence use to take his famous photograph of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and fire?
  12. Initally unimpressed by his kites, the British Army offered Samuel Cody a post as a instructor.
  13. What did Scott's sled kite have that Allison's didn't?
  14. Parafoil kites have a cross section similar to
  15. The main advantage of a flowform over a parafoil is
    • it comes in a much wider range of colours
    • it flies at a higher angle
    • it has greater stability in gusty conditions
    • it is cheaper to make
  16. The F.A.330 gyroplane was flown as a kite, towed by a
  17. A UFO kite spins about an axis which is
    • vertical
    • horizontal, in line with the wind
    • horizontal, perpendicular to the wind
  18. The usual way to stall a kite is to
    • pull both lines sharply
    • yank one line
    • throw both hands forward
    • let in the clutch without releasing the handbrake.
  19. To axel a kite clockwise, you should yank the left / right line.
  20. The best type of trick kite is the
  21. Three line kites are generally controlled by: two hands and your teeth, a triangular or Y-shaped handle, two handles, and the third line being staked to the ground, three people.
  22. George Pocock drew a carriage using
    • a quad-line parafoil
    • a pair of English arch-top kites
    • a train of Conynes
    • Cody war kites
    • a Chinese centipede
  23. Tilting the handles of a quad-line kite in opposite directions while it is stationary causes it to
  24. How many kids does the Curator of the Zoo have?

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